Hoof Gold

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Hoof Gold has been formulated after 27 years of field experience with debilitated horses feet, working with farriers and clients to produce the highest quality supplements at the best value on the market. HOOF GOLD has been specifically designed and made in Australia for our diverse and harsh conditions in all Equine disciplines.

Despite the multitude of hoof formulations available on the global market , as an experienced Equine Clinician I always found  myself recommending several supplements to be given simultaneously to ensure the patient received all the nutrients required for repair of often critical hoof injuries.

HOOF GOLD ingredient composition is the result of exposure to thousands of clinical cases where effective stimulation of strong healthy hoof wall growth was vital.

RECOMMENDATIONS: HOOF GOLD is highly recommended for Horses with the following conditions:

* Laminitis

* Heel Cracks

* White Line Disease

* Wall Separation 

* Thin Soles

* Cracked Walls


High concentration biotin, MSM, methionine and zinc blend with specific trace elements uniquely formulated by veterinary surgeons to aid in hoof growth.

Composition mg/kg: 1,000mg biotin, 16,650mg methionine 66,600mg msm. 8,235mg zinc, plus a scientifically balanced secret blend of essential vitamins , minerals and amino acids.


Actions: Hoof Gold contains the necessary vital substrates for hoof wall growth in concentrations in a convenient powder.

The unique veterinary formulated combination has been specifically developed over the last 27 years of research to ensure all necessary substrates needed for hoof wall growth and strength are administered at correct therapeutic dose levels minimising wastage and ensuring total requirements are met.


Hoof Gold binds well in feed with molasses, honey or water.


2 X 30g scoops PER DAY

700KG above 3 x 30g scoops PER DAY

150KG below 1 x 30g scoops PER DAY

Mix in wet feed or mix with water and orally syringe if your horse is in a shared paddock.

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